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Avecina is proud to be a member of the "Digital Health Alliance"

"Digital Health Alliance" parties:

Antares Vision Group is the technology partner in digitalization for companies, institutions and governments, guaranteeing safety and quality, sustainability and efficiency of products and supply chains to build trust. The “Medication Management Platform” introduced by Antares Vision Group is the innovative solution for drugs and medical devices end to end traceability within the healthcare organizations, enabling real-time visibility on hospital inventories and improving operational excellence. The platform introduces new paradigms in automation, ergonomics, efficiency, traceability and safety of the logistics process within healthcare organizations. AV Group operates in 60 countries and has a consolidated network of around 40 international partners.

Avecina is a techno-based company aimed at bridging the latest research and technology with real health challenges. It believes in multi-disciplinary collaboration and connects players and stakeholders in the health ecosystem.​

TPC is a Canadian group of 11 clinics specialized in chronic pain treatment who work with a multidisciplinary approach: Medical, Psychological, Physical. About 20K patients are hospitalized each year and 200K access outpatient clinics for treatments that do not require hospitalization. TPC cooperate with Ryerson university in the area of Targeted Drug Delivery.


YR is a private company with a strong orientation towards applied research, thanks to the experience of partners and to the multidisciplinary skills of its staff. Its core competences are Data Science, Digital Health Technologies (IT for Health, Telemedicine), HW&SW development, System Engineering. 


MIT is an Italian Group of companies with core competences and capacities in different areas that cover a large range of services: R&D, prototyping, industrialization and manufacturing. MIT has already a small portfolio of products in the health sector, (bio-inertizers) aimed at sanitizing products and waste contaminated by bacteria, viruses, fungi.


HTS is a Swiss company specialized in software development and concept consulting in the field of the use of new technologies in the implementation of solutions for digital transformation processes.


NOW.LABS are a unique European venture building network, that unite skilled experts of innovation, digitalization, circularity, new work and brand communications to navigate companies of any stage, size or industry to master all their future transformation challenges.


MPXLab is a non-profit, private independent organization that performs applied research activities in hi-tech sectors for industries thanks to the dynamic interaction of its researchers, laboratories, and universities. Its core competences are: Analytics, Big Data, Block Chain, Computer Vision, IoT, Machine Learning, MES, Robotics, and Simulation. 

UNINOVA is a multidisciplinary, independent, and non-profit research institute employing around 180 persons, located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon. The main aim of UNINOVA is to pursue excellence in scientific research, technical development, advanced training, and education. By working closely with industry and universities, technological innovations are transferred into profitable business concepts and, existing products further developed to match new industrial requirements. 

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