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FVG Mental Spa in Cooperation with PMI

The significance of mental well-being is on the rise, and the combined impact of Covid-19 and the financial crisis has heightened societal apprehensions.

In this context, art therapy incorporating cutting-edge technologies like VR and XR emerges as a secure and dependable means for promoting mental health. Digital solutions offer various benefits, such as enhanced security, flexibility in customization, the ability to overcome physical limitations, and the provision of online service and support.

Mental well-being is becoming increasingly important, and Covid169 and the financial crisis created more societal concerns.

Art therapy using new technologies such as VR and XR is a safe and reliable tool for mental health, while digital solutions add advantages, including security, freedom of change and customization, overcoming physical barriers, and support online service and support.

There are different solutions, and recently some companies have proposed new solutions, but the current technologies are not suitable for mass commercialization and scalable businesses. That's why the market penetration in relevant industries such as tourism and the hospitality industry is shallow. Also, the current solutions in the market can not support the edutainment approach as either they are very simple with limited functionality or very expensive and not affordable.

In this Project, merging Art and technology, we are developing a solution based on AI and XR to support digital art therapy in a new way by employing a salutogenic approach. This would be based on a personalized approach giving a chance to the recreation of Art by the user and AI support for providing the best-personalized conditions. 

The first pilot is ready and hopefully will be launched in September 2023.

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