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Prof. Javad Jassbi

Cofounder & CEO

Javad is a DEMI member of FCT Nova and has held key positions in academia and research during his career. As a senior researcher in Uninova's Robotic & Industrial Complex System Group, he also serves as a professor at the Department of Industrial Management in the I.A.U., Science & Research branch. Javad's educational background is impressive, with a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MSc in Strategic Management, and a Ph.D. in Systems. His expertise extends to fuzzy knowledge-based systems, which he explored during his Post-Doc work on the ESA(European Space Agency) project at the Nova University of Lisbon in 2005.

Javad's professional journey has been enriched by diverse experiences. He was invited as an Academic Visitor to Bristol Business School in 2010, expanding his knowledge and networks. His research interests lie in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the application of Fuzzy Logic, Decision Making, and Complex System Theory. With a blend of academic prowess and industrial experience, Javad actively engages in multidisciplinary subjects.

His contributions to the field are evident through numerous publications in reputable journals and presentations at esteemed conferences. Javad also lends his expertise as a consultant to various companies and collaborates on research projects across different industries. Since 2005, he has led several national and international projects and has enjoyed working on European projects since he went to Europe in 2011. His international experience extends to countries such as Iran, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Portugal, fostering collaboration with educational institutions and research centers worldwide.

Javad's current focus centers on the intersection of technology and health. In his pursuit of innovative business models, he navigates the emerging landscape of technologies and assesses their readiness at both micro and macro levels. Notably, he has founded multiple techno companies and brands, solidifying his entrepreneurial spirit. As he continues to shape the future, Javad is dedicated to fostering the alliance between art, technology, and health, working towards the commercialization of innovative solutions.

Prof. Javad Jassbi
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